FSWR Bowling Tournament

March 1, 2023

At the beginning of this Month, we had our first annual FSWR bowling tournament. Thank you so much to everyone who joined and bowled your heart out. It was a close call, but after a long fight, The Dumplings came out victorious this time! 

Picture Shown: ( left to right) Saffron, TaMya, Steph

FSU vs. Stanford

March 11, 2023

Great job today ladies!! Wait to stay in it until the end!! 

Thank you to Stanford for making the trip and to all our fans for coming out💪🐾

Player of the match for the Bulldogs goes to Arizbe Barraza, for her amazing tackles during the game and ability to break through the defense, and IT’S HER FIRST GAME,AYEEE !! 


-Diana Lopez

-LeClaire Franco


-Lexey Jenkins

Intense Tackling Practice at Valley Vandals

Recently we visited our friends at Valley Vandals for an intense tackling practice. We got to work more in depth with tackling and rushing, as well as strength and explosion. Thank you to everyone who showed up and those at Valley Vandals.


January 28, 2023

After a tough fight, the Bulldogs came out on top with a score of 20-19 over the UC Davis Aggies. Forward of the match went to Malena DeLeon playing 8, Back of the match went to Steph E. Brawley was awarded to rookie Bryanna Caesar, naming her player of the match for the Bulldogs.

FSU vs. Cal State Berkeley

February 5, 2022

After having the first two games of the season postponed, your ‘Dogs were finally able to play!  The girls traveled up to Treasure Island to battle Cal Berkeley in a tough game.  The roster for the Bulldogs was made up of seven returning players and SIXTEEN rookies.  The girls played with heart from beginning to end.  It was a low-scoring game, but the ‘Dogs played tough and kept the ball in Cal’s half for the majority of the game.  Fresno came out on top with a final score of 14-5.  Try scorers were flankers LeClaire Franco and Danae DeLeon, and Regan Garner made both conversions.  Forward of the Match went to Tufue Fesili, and Back of the Match went to Chetna Kumar-Naicker.  Both girls had great runs that really made Cal’s defense work hard.  The Brawley Ruckford Award was earned by Taylor Domingues for her incredible tackles on the wing.  It was a great win to start off the season!


December 4, 2021

It was a big rugby day for Fresno State.  Both the men and the women’s teams played Cal Poly.  After the Fresno boys won their game 36-31, it was the girls’ turn.  It was a fun game with some girls in positions.  There were lots of runs, strong tackles, and tough playing.  Your ‘Dogs came out with the win and final score of 41-7.  The Brawley Ruckford Award was given to Tess Thom for her crushing runs that continually broke through the defense and her focus throughout the game.


November 20, 2021

Today the Bulldogs hosted their first home game against San Jose State.  San Jose has given us hard-fought games in past years, and today was no different.  The girls played tough but weren’t able to pull off the win.  The final score was 5-27 with Danielle Montoya scoring the only try for Fresno State.  Eight-man Fue Fesili got the Brawley Ruckford Award for her awesome runs and for playing hard from start to finish.


November 13, 2021

Your ‘Dogs headed up to Stanford University for their first away game of the year.  After the long drive, the girls were ready to get on the pitch.  Both teams were excited to finally play a team besides themselves.  The girls played a hard and evenly-matched game with a final score of 24-22.  Aamiah Finley received the Brawley Ruckford Award for her great tackles and hard runs at outside center.

Intrasquad Scrimmage

October 30, 2021

Today the ‘Dogs played an intrasquad scrimmage.  The scrimmage was a chance for our rookies to get their first rugby game experience.  The girls got their first tackles, scrums, lineouts, runs, and tries in a game situation.  It was a blast to see what was taught in practice in game-play action.  Mira Patino was awarded the Brawley Ruckford Award for her hard work at scrum half.  It was an all-around great day and a learning experience for everyone.  

FALL 2021 REVIEW: Dogs Return with Renewed Competition and Vision

October 20 & 22

This week the Bulldogs were coached by special guests Orene Ai’i and Sorona Scott.  Orene played for the New Zealand All Blacks before moving to the US.  He’s currently a backline coach for the LA Giltinis.  Sorona played for San Francisco Amazons and was a World Champion in 2019.  The girls worked on ball handling, tackle technique, defensive line speed, and communication.  ABC 30 also came out to interview coaches and players.  The team learned a lot from the professionals and can’t wait to implement their new skills throughout the rest of the season.

Booth on Campus

We are so excited for this semester not only because rugby season is starting but because our club got a booth on campus. On the Fresno State campus there are about 40 club booths that circle the University Student Union on the main part of campus. Due to the immense amount of clubs and the shortage of spots not every club gets a booth every semester. We are so excited to have a club booth because this part of campus gets the most traffic which gives us opportunities to recruit, promote our home games, and connect with the student body. All semester you can find members of the Fresno State Women’s Rugby team at the booth. Stop by to say hello or ask questions.

It’s Kid’s Day

The club participated in a community service event on March 6th, called Kids Day. We sold special editions of the Fresno Bee. The money raised was donated to the Valley Children’s Hospital. This event is spread throughout the central valley that a lot of organizations participate in. This is one of our favorite community service events because we get to give back to those in need and get to do it as a team. 

Go Bulldog’s!