The Executive Board

As a Club Sport for FSU, our entire Exec team is made up of entirely students! Working hard at school and for the team, these are the people who keep us running!  


Miralena Patino

Mira is a junior at Fresno State, and she’s majoring in Construction Management.  After college, Mira would like to be a project engineer. Before rugby, Mira was on the basketball, water polo, and swim teams.  Mira has been on the rugby team for about six months, and she’s the team’s scrum-half.  Watching a rugby match in the Olympics really sparked her interest, and motivated her to come out for the team.  Mira really likes the amount of respect the sport holds and the determination and positivity the team has.  A fun fact about Mira is that she’s named after a cartoon character.

Vice President

Danae Deleon

Danae is a fourth-year student and is majoring in Kinesiology with a PE option.  Before joining rugby, Danae was on the volleyball and wrestling teams in high school.  She first joined rugby because she wanted to stay in touch with sports.  Danae has been playing rugby for four years now, and she loves it because it’s a good way to stay active and because she learns something new every time she plays.  She’s played all around the scrum as well as a game at fly-half, but her favorite position is flank.  She likes being able to play with the forward pods but also run with the backs.  In her free time, Danae likes pranks and hanging out with friends.  She also likes to make impulsive decisions that might lead to a fun story later.


Saffron Lovas

This is Saffron’s fourth year at Fresno State.  She is a Geography Major with a Chinese Minor. After college, Saffron plans on getting a job with the Environment Protection Agency to help combat climate change.  She was always active in sports before joining rugby.  Saffron played basketball, softball, golf, track and field, tennis, and even danced.  She was also very active in all the clubs throughout high school along with doing theater. Saffron has been playing rugby for 3 years now and has always been a lock and a jumper. She was persuaded to join rugby by a friend she met at the very beginning of her freshman year of college. Sadly, her friend did not continue playing, but Saffron hasn’t been able to stop. She fell in love with the sport and the rugby community. It is the most physical sport she’s ever played, and it pushes her to be better. A fun fact about Saffron is that she is very flexible.


Stephanie Elizondo

Steph is a fourth-year at Fresno State.  She is a Kinesiology Major with an emphasis on physical education.  Steph hopes to become a high school PE teacher after graduation.  In her own high school days, Steph played basketball and softball.  When she came to Fresno, Steph came out to rugby because she missed being active and being surrounded by a team.  She’s been playing rugby for three and a half years now.  Steph has played all sound the pitch as a lock, eight man, flyhalf, and inside center.  Her favorite position was inside center, but as the season goes on, she’s starting to like flyhalf more and more.  For Steph, the best part of rugby is the team atmosphere, and she’s made lifelong friendships through the sport.  Besides sports, one of Steph’s hobbies is playing video games.  

Fundraising Chair

Kelsey Franton

Kelsey is in her third year at Fresno State. She’s a Business Major with an emphasis on Business Management. After graduating in 2023, Kelsey wants to own her own company.  In high school, Kelsey did cross country, basketball, and, her favorite sport: softball. Since coming to college, Kelsey has played rugby for 2 years as a wing. One of her favorite things about rugby is the teamwork it takes to be successful.  Something fun about Kelsey is that she has six siblings.  She also loves to go thrifting and rock climbing in her free time. Kelsey is looking forward to seeing how the team does this semester.

Social Chair

Tufue Feslili

Tufue is a junior at Fresno State and is working to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies in hopes to become an educator in the future.  In high school, Fue played volleyball and basketball.  Fue has been playing rugby for one year as a prop and an eight man.  She came out to try rugby because she wanted to be involved in a sport during college.  Fue’s favorite part of rugby is the physical contact and the many friends she’s made during this journey.  An interesting thing about Fue is that she likes to sing but do not ask her to do it unless it’s Karaoke Night.